Hugh Mather

Current concert organizing activities:

1. St Mary's Perivale :

St Mary's Perivale is a tiny 12th-century church hidden away within a golf course, close to Western Avenue in Perivale. It became redundant in 1972 and is now a flourishing concert venue. It is a stunningly beautiful, Grade1-listed building, as shown here .  It has a magical ambience, excellent acoustics and a good piano, and provides the perfect setting for instrumental and chamber music concerts. I commenced Wednesday evening concerts in September 2004, and became Chairman of the Friends of St Mary's Perivale in September 2005, with an excellent and motivated team of friends, and we have together held over 1300 concerts since then, initially on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, and since 2016 on Tuesday afternoons as well. All were free, with a retiring collection. All concerts have been recorded for several years. We started to 'live stream' all our concerts in December 2018 so that concerts ccould be viewed in 'real time'. This has assumed an enormous importance since the pandemic, when we streamed over 150 concerts from an empty church. We now stream about 125 concerts per year, and both the technical and musical quality of our broadcasts is outstanding. This has been a team effort, and I would like to acknowledge the input of Simon Shute, Roger Nellist, George Auckland and Andrew Whadcoat in making it all possible. More information is available here.

2. St Barnabas Ealing :

St Barnabas is a large church built in 1916 with a fine choral tradition and a magnificent, newly-installed organ. I have been a parishioner at the church since 1985. In 2007 I bought a Bösendorfer concert grand, previously used by the BBC at Maida Vale Studios. This fine instrument was been the basis for all the concerts held since then, and these raised over £250,000 for the organ and church. Friday Lunchtime Concerts were started in September 2007, and there were 13 Weekend Festivals and 6 series of Summer Proms. The festivals included 3 complete cycles of Beethoven sonatas, played by 32 pianists in a 2 day festival, as well as festivals devoted to the piano music of Chopin (three times), Liszt and Haydn, each involving 20 or more pianists, as well as 3 organ festivals. All the concerts involved much support from friends within the St Barnabas community, notably Nick Barnes and Peter Haisman. These concerts have now finished in the pandemic.

Combined total of concerts

St Mary's Perivale : An archive of all concerts is available here . There were between 38 and 54 concerts per year from 2005 onwards, totalling 516 at the end of 2015. From 2017 onwards we have exceeded 100 concerts per year, and we held our 1000th concert in November 2020. We reach 1343 concerts on July 23rd 2023

St Barnabas Ealing : An archive of all concerts is available here and comprised 563 Friday lunchtime recitals, 13 weekend festivals (with 45 ‘sessions' or long concerts) and 6 series of Summer Proms (49 evening concerts). The total of concerts held at St Barnabas between 2007 and 2020 was 657, raising £250,000.

The total of concerts in Ealing from 2004 to the end of 2015 was 993. The 1000th concert took place on January 20th 2016 at St Mary's Perivale and the 1500th concert was celebrated in July 2019. The 2000th concert will take place on Sunday July 23th.

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