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I am a pianist, organist and retired physician, and I organize classical concerts at St Mary’s Perivale (seen above) and St Barnabas Ealing.  My website (  provides an archive of these concerts over the past decade, totalling over 1000 concerts since 2004. It also contains information about the two venues, a list of musicians and repertoire, and background biographical notes.

hughmatherphotosquareThis ‘blog’ is devoted to various classical music topics which I find interesting.   As you might expect from a 75-year old retired physician and music-lover, my views are fairly reactionary – but none the worse for that.  All opinions are  ‘value judgements’ – and are not to be taken too seriously !   Feel free to agree or disagree.   Thanks for visiting this site.

Posts so far : These tend to get lost when they aren’t displayed in the ‘Recent Posts’ section on the right hand side of the page, so here is a complete list with links…

Issues in planning concert programmes 2nd Feb 2016
The advantages of’ ‘home opera’ 2nd Feb 2016
Piano balance problems in chamber music – ‘long or short stick ?’ 2nd Feb 2016
Paying our musicians… 20th Feb 2016
Can piano practice damage your hearing ?   22nd Feb 2016
Occasional problems in fixing concerts 22nd March 2016
Building and retaining audiences – the use of a questionnaire 22nd March 2016
Problems of perfect pitch 23rd March 2016
The agonies of choosing a CD to play 23rd March 2016
Shabby treatment of musicians 24th March 2016
The Joyce Hatto scandal and music criticism 30th April 2016
The crucial role of platform manners and appearance 30th April 2016
Being a musician – a ‘proper job’ ? 25th May 2016
New opportunities for pianists – Tuesday recitals at Perivale 5th June 2016
Wagner’s Ring Cycle – complete – in Ealing ! 28th June 2016
Problems for students from abroad obtaining a visa 13th July 2016
Repertoire choices by pianists – why so little Mozart ? 19th July 2016
Pianists – do you ever play ‘for the sheer joy of it ’ ?  13th Sept 2016
Tuesday recitals at St Mary’s Perivale – progress report  10th December 2016
Memorizing piano works and the effect of age 19th February 2017
Problems with musicians replying to emails 25th September 2017




9 thoughts on “Hugh Mather’s blog – overview”

    1. Dear Hilary

      Thanks for exploring the blog. There are dates by each post – is this what you mean ? You probably realize that I am fairly new to all this, but am enjoying having a means to express opinions on musical topics in the public domain.

      Very best wishes


    1. Dear Yvonne
      Thanks for your kind note. I am also ‘techno dim’ but am trying to get the subscription thing sorted and then will ask all my musical friends to join. Lots more fairly contentious articles boiling to the surface ! Humble beginnings. Hope you find it interesting.

    2. I think if you bookmark Hugh’s blog then you can look at it any time by clicking on the bookmark.

      Hope this helps Hugh (yes another) Collins

  1. Dear Hugh,
    Another novice to the world of blogging!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and various articles. My husband and I are relatively new to your Perivale concerts and enjoy them immensely, even when the programme does get changed- a chance to hear something new? We appreciate that things happen!
    Please add me to your list for receiving blogs.
    Congratulations on doing such a stirling job and many thanks for the lovely evenings.

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